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China Film Group Corporation
China Film Group Corporation (CFGC) was founded in February 1999. China Film Group is the only company in mainland of China with import rights and is the largest producer of films in China.
By the China film company, Beijing film studio, the Chinese children's film studios, China film production company, cooperation, China film equipment company, channel center, Beijing film developing and video technology factory, China rhyme video disc co., LTD., etc. Eight units.
China film group owns 15 wholly-owned subsidiaries, with nearly 30 major holdings, nearly 30 participating companies, and one movie channel with assets of 2.8 billion Yuan in total.
Since its establishment, the China film group according to the requirements of modern enterprise system, has carried on the reorganization of the business, asset integration and the reform of property right system, gradually achieve the unified resource development, personnel, financial management, formed the film and television production, distribution, domestic and overseas coproduce management, coordination and service, the courtyard line management, digital production, construction and management of digital cinema, picture processing, import and export of film, film equipment marketing, after the film development, CD-ROMs production, media, advertising, property management, real estate development, such as the main highlight, the chain business model of multiple industry common development.
In May 2011, CMGC was selected into the third "Cultural Enterprise 30".
The company's slogan is “Create brand, occupy market, foothold domestic, go to the world”.