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THT for creating the new land of film, TianYing join in film
On May 19, a press conference themed "New Opportunities in China Market and China Coproductions" was held during the Cannes Film Festival, attracting the global film industry elite. At the press conference, the government of THT invited domestic and overseas filmmakers to come to China for a dream. The focus film of the next two years was introduced by TianYing, and the company announced a diversified cooperation with Hong Jinbao $ Hong Tianming and reached the cooperation intention with the world class post-production company PIC. 

With "Belt&Road", THT fosters cultural and creative industry to develop fertile soil.
China launched "Neighborhoods" policy. Tianjin, as one of a node in "Marine Silk Road" and connected to the Eurasian land corridor along the "area", under the collaborative environment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Hong Kong, will usher in a new development opportunity. Mr. Wang Wei, deputy director of the THT, one of the organizers of the event, said THT aims to create a free trade zone for the future of China. To became the first batch of national culture and the integration of science and technology demonstration base, THT in recent years will be the implementation of "cultural + technology + financial" innovation mechanism, relying on the national film and television animation network, the national institute of animation, film and television network, Zhi Hui Hill creative industry, Bo Long Lake visual industrial avenue industrial development, such as the carrier, has brought together TianYing, Bo Long Film and so on. These guiding, demonstration and whole construction machinery has the original cultural industry science and technology, the future will become a chain of movie and TV cultural industry development.

Bo Long of THT delimit the international film industry base in China, there have been dozens of involved in filmmaking, the film post-production, film photography, movie props production lighting equipment and international film distribution companies, more than a year for 20 film's ability to provide post-production services, for film and television industry development provides a strong support in the zone and the Bo Long area as the Chinese and foreign cooperation in the international film cores and origins. At the same time, the base will also be planning studio 11 modern high technology and facilities, the construction of digital post-production production platform, CG animation effects platform, panoramic sound effect production platform, CG special effects work platform, recording studio, work locations such as several synchronization Hollywood public technology platform.
In addition, the Magnet Cloud (Tianjin) Digital Technology co., LTD. As a trading platform for digital content, creative platform, platform with national qualification, is the only state-level currently involved in the field of digital content platform, has also attracted the resources in the field of global digital content converge to provide support for the development of cultural creative industries in the zone. TianYing is cooperating to develop new opportunities for film production in China.
As the most important resident enterprise in THT, Tianjin North Film Group and TianYing have made the Chinese film co-productions more attractive and attractive with powerful IP resources.
TianYing CEO Mr. Wu Jian said that the company has been working with the international film and television company to develop international production and distribution market. In the process, they found that China's financial institutions and state-owned equity investment institutions have been optimistic about the film and television industry investment, but the risk and the influence of the current system, and has not been able to participate, and the establishment of the shadow media has solved the days shadow group, financial investors and international partners cooperation problem. For example, they have invested in "Rabbit Man Legend" series gained large institutions of financial support such as ICBC, BOCOM, Wei Hai Bank, Zhe Jiang Bank and so on;
The introduction of "Deep Sea Challenge" has the financial support of Ping An bank, China bank, and other investment institutions. The strong support of the investment institutions is a feature of the investment aspect of TianYing.
Rather than pursuing a larger scale, it aims to build a platform for two-way cooperation and provide overseas filmmakers with new opportunities to co-produce films with China. Mr. Wu Jian introduced the new opportunities for the film co-production in the next three to five years.
The IP novel, which has been broadcast over 520 million times on the Internet in the Himalayas, has become a phenomenon of "Phenomenal" IP. TianYing plans to invest $60 million (350 million yuan) for it, and now with Shanghai Bo Wen media co., LTD., Hei Yan network respectively signed a letter of intent for investment, in preparation for the same period series are derived.
The story is centered on the Oriental culture of China's great sense and good faith values, and in the wider and unknown sci-fi alien scene, it is told in the mode of exploration, reasoning and science fiction.
In addition to the super IP film, otherwise 3 commercial movie company is currently under planning, in the next three years will also invest 6 international cooperation of commercial films (co-production), each investment of no less than $15 million, the company reserves the $100 million movie start fund.
In terms of distribution, it will also be the sole agent for the overseas release of the animated film "the Guardian," which is the core creator of "Rabbit Legend".
In the future, we will further discuss with the Tianjin North Film Group on the Oriental fantasy film "the Legend of the Banshee".
At the press conference, TianYing also announced that it would cooperate with Hong Jinbao and Hong Tianming.
He believes that action science fiction has great market potential, and that new technology has created an environment in which science fiction is not attractive. At present, they are talking about the introduction of excellent post-production team in foreign countries. They hope to present a wonderful visual feast for the audience.
At the end of the conference, with the joint witness of the Australian film bureau, THT and Tianjin North Film Group, TianYing reached a cooperation intention with the Australian company PIC.
The introduction of international standard production team, not only expand the day shadow media strength of film and television production, more abundant high-tech creative cultural industry chain, as well as Chinese-foreign cooperative production increased the powerful technical support, make the development of Chinese film's new opportunities have made a very good start.