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Hong Jinbao and Hong Tianming opened diversified cooperation
During the Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Hong said in a media interview, "The Chinese film market is very prosperous now, after a period, it was overseas films coming into our market and exporting their culture to us. I have always had a desire to make better films, to get them to understand Chinese culture, and to let more people understand our culture from different countries.
Hong Jinbao will also open diversified cooperation with TianYing media to build more high-quality Chinese films into the international market. As a generation of Kungfu master, Hong has been to carry forward the Chinese martial arts as the core more than 60 years in China, he played “Enter the Dragon”, “Seven Lucky Stars” and many well-known film, and as Kongfu director, producer, etc. Now Chinese films are booming and speeding up the pace of going out, the effect is not expected, and the Chinese story is not understood by overseas audiences. We need to look at the world and develop new models.
The cooperation between Hong Jinbao and TianYing is a "hit and go". The company aims to promote international cooperation in commercial films and will be the exclusive overseas distributor of the film series. It focuses on China's domestic market, and combines international quality distribution team with the aim of providing accurate and accurate distribution of some overseas markets with demand for Oriental themes.

The future focuses on the "phenomenal IP", the Oriental culture of China's great sense and the values of honesty and integrity in the mode of exploration, reasoning and science fiction. Hong Jinbao is very good at this, thinks the action science fiction theme has the great market potential, the new technology also gave rise to the science fiction alien environment design, makes it has the charm. At present, they are in the process of discussing and looking forward to the introduction of excellent post-production team in foreign countries. THey hope to present a wonderful visual feast for the audience.
When it comes to Hong Tianming, his father Hong Jinbao said that he has his own ideas and plans in career. As the eldest son, Hong Tianming did not become a star, but he had a solid step on the road of the film. After opening the studio in early 2017, Mr. Hong admitted that he would be involved in the production of films, including producers, supervisors and directors, and expected to be able to film with his father and family. He is very supportive and is looking forward to working with his son to produce more wonderful works.
Chinese Kungfu stars Hong Jinbao & Hong Tianming attended in Cannes.
The 70th Cannes International Film Festival officially opened on France local time May 17, Beijing time on May 18. Kungfu star Hong Jinbao and his son join hands in Tianjin North Film Group vice President, Mr. Sun Baohai, TianYing CEO Mr. Wu Jian at the opening ceremony of the red carpet.
This is the first time that the Hong Jinbao made their joint appearance at the Cannes film festival.
On the opening red carpet, he wore his trademark black MAO suit and showed the elegance of "Kungfu master". Hong Tianming is dressed in a gold print suit, mature and stylish and energetic. During a visit to the live media, Mr. Hong said that he would announce a new film project in the Cannes film festival.
After TianYing group launched films "rabbit man legend" series, with realistic 3 d production, the humorous story of the ground image set and gain the good reputation in Cannes, the 67th Cannes film festival "rabbit man legend 2” was more launched the Chinese animation as an open screening, attracted the filmmakers at home and abroad, the media and the audience's attention.
The new sky film media will be the exclusive overseas distributor of the future series of films.
During the Cannes film festival, TianYing group and TianYing media will bring more high-quality IP film information and new business opportunities to global filmmakers.