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" Rabbit Man Legend " set a record for the oversea
He is the super star on the screen in these two years, he is the Chinese cartoon "cultural ambassador” who travelled more than 80 countries of the world, he is a super IP who is winning thousands of awards both at home and abroad, he let the audience in laughter to the spirit of "good faith" to deepen understanding, he let the overseas audience for Chinese animation technology sit up and take notice... He is the "rabbit 2" in the "rabbit man legend". This time, he was awarded the "five ones" project prize of the 12th spiritual civilization construction.
"Rabbit man legend ", jointly produced by BeiJing north film group and the school of animation of Beijing film academy, is the first full-hair 3D animated film in China, with full independent intellectual property rights. The characters of the prototype in the Beijing-Tianjin region is the myth of children's dolls Lord rabbit, with rich Chinese traditional color, the film into the martial arts, bamboo forest, Chinese architecture, Chinese acrobatics Chinese elements, such as the objects, the film hill are typical Chinese characteristics.
"Rabbit Man Legend" was released on last July 11 in domestic, issued to France, Malaysia, Italy, South Korea and so on more than 80 countries and regions, in 20 years the miracle of Chinese animation film distribution abroad. A "native" rabbit, how short period of time around the world, let the habits of the Hollywood blockbusters global audience from China's culture and spirit, in the overseas this point, the film group in the north have a lot of experience. For the first time, the film is dedicated to hiring an "international distributor" to bring the film to the world: the Berlin film festival, the Cannes film festival, the American film market in Los Angeles... " Rabbit Man Legend " has nearly covered the world's most influential film trading market. The cuddly "Rabbit 2" has brought us countless surprises. In August 2011, "Rabbit Man Legend" won the best animated film award in the 14th China film awards, which made the north film group the only one to make 16 consecutive Chinese watches. In September 2011, the excellent animation award of the 3rd international Chinese film festival in London, Britain, blew the award of the overseas film festival of "the Legend of Rabbit". In October 2011, the 28th Chinese film golden rooster award, "Rabbit Man Legend" won the only best picture award. In October 2011, the seventh Chinese American Film Festival golden angel top ten films, "Rabbit Man Legend" added honor to the domestic animation; In December 2011, the first Chinese animation award "Rabbit Man Legend" won the first name in the history of the award, and won the best animation image award at the same time; In March 2012, the 21st annual Cairo international children's film festival, "Rabbit Man Legend" won the award of the domestic children's judges. In April 2012, the 19th Beijing university student film festival won the special prize for animation. Then the 8th China international animation festival golden monkey award of the special award of the award is handed to the "Rabbit Legend Man".
The North Film Group, which produced the sequel to the sequel, was launched a year ago with a total investment of about 1.5 billion RMB and is scheduled for release in 2014. The series is also in the works, and will become China's first 3D animated TV film, with a total of 104 episodes and a total length of more than 1,300 minutes. It is expected to be in the first 52 episodes of the 2013 Spring Festival.