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《Shanghai fortress》
Shanghai Fortress
The sci-fi war movie "Shanghai Fortress", directed by Teng Huatao and adapted from the novel of the same name, was finished on December 23, 2017, and has been cast for the first time. In addition to the previously exposed starring role of Lu Han, Shu Qi, the popular actor Gao Yixiang, Shi Liang, the new generation of actors Wang Sen, Wang Gongliang, Sun Jialing and so on. Movie "Shanghai fortress" according to the same network novel gained too much attention with the film actor Lu Han and Shu Qi, Lu as the main character "Yang Chiang" under the coincidence entered Shanghai fortress, to become a reserve members, Shu Qi's "Lin Lan" is a capable of sharp commander, these two people have love line, as if not a generation of person, but because the original is asked between female officers and men, so many netizens said that it was reluctantly accepted. As the first cooperation between Lu Han and Shu Qi, Shanghai fortress has also made many people look forward to it.
Lu Han and Shu Qi starred in domestic science fiction film "Shanghai fortress" which will be released in 2019.
The film "Shanghai Fortress" is finished, the film background sets in the future and about an alien invade earth, trying to seize the human beings rely on the energy of the treasure.
The film, directed by Teng Huatao and edited by the same name sic-fi novel, was finished and exposed actors including Lu Han, Shu Qi, Gao Yixiang and so on. 
Recently, the film "Shanghai Fortress" announced finish, and released a group of work highlights. In addition to the previously announced starring Lu Han and Shu Qi, the company announced full cast. Lu Han's hero, Jiang Yang, entered the Shanghai fortress by chance and became a reserve member. Shu Qi's "Lin Lan" is a competent, sharp commander.
Gao takes the role of commander Yang Jiannan who plays an important role in fighting against aliens. Shi Liang plays the role of general commander "Shao Yiyun". Shi Liang had played as a soldier in several films.
The new generation of actors Wang Sen (Pan Hantian), Wang Gongliang (Zeng Yu), Sun Jialing (Lu Yiyi) and will make up a team with Lu Han to against the alien invaders.
Director Teng Huatao said that thanks to all the cast and crew for more than three months of hard work, it is believed that the actors' dedication and excellent performance will give the audience a pleasant surprise on the big screen in 2019.
The story of the “Shanghai Fortress” is setting in the future, when alien forces swoon over the earth in an attempt to capture the energy treasures that humans rely on to survive. The earth was hit, the state's border is broken, elite countries to form a coalition troops, solidarity against alien invaders, the few remaining energy cities building energy called "bubble" defense bastion against the alien attack. With the fall of New York, Tokyo and new Delhi, China's Shanghai is the only remaining human hope.
The movie Shanghai fortress product, led by China entertainment, CFG stake, Tencent pictures, cultural spirit, days echoes, Peng Cheng film and television production, China film issued shares, from preparation to overcome over five years. The film will be released nationwide in 2019.